Action Research about Students’ Significant Learning in Higher Education: one of the Valuable Tools for Pedagogical Professional Development

This paper aims to depict the valuable tools for pedagogical professional development through an action research about students’ significant learning in a context of higher education. This three-year educational action research was conducted with the participations of 108 students with 4 groups in a course of a bachelor program in pedagogy to collect data through the documental evidence relevant to the research issues using student reflection, student reflection, and teacher’s self-reflective journal entry. The data collection was framed using Padilla’s Unfolding Matrix before being analyzed for the findings and discussions. As a result, this study contributes to the contextual practices of Fink’s taxonomy that the teacher should exploit the values of the action research in the classroom with attention to the signals of problems and resolve them to change for better students’ learning from their feedback during the lessons.

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