Increasing motivation through task-based learning in Asean studies course

It is widely observed that students with low levels of motivation and engagement are one of the challenges for teachers in leading classes, especially in the major subject class. Lack of motivation among students not only has undesirable outcomes on students’ academic performance but also negatively affects the teaching process. This research was conducted in order to increase students’ motivation and engagement through a task-based learning environment in ASEAN Studies class in the department of International Studies, Hue University of Foreign Languages. The quantitative analysis used the data from a questionnaire to examine the impact of the task-based approach on students’ level of motivation and engagement in ASEAN Studies class within 15 weeks. The study was conducted from September 3, 2016 through December 5, 2016 with 29 participating students in the second year at the Department of International Studies, Hue University of Foreign Languages. The findings indicated that students had the tendency to gain more motivation to participate in the class activities when tasks were used. Students’ attitudes towards different tasks were also documented. Suggestions for teachers to make better use of this approach in teaching major subjects are discussed as well.

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