Sustainable Human Security - An Integrated Approach for Institutional Social Responsibility and Governance Capacity Development Fostering Human Protection, Sustainable Development and Multi - Sector Empowerment

The concept of “sustainable human security” provides an integrated framework for adequately addressing development and cooperation in complex situations of conflict, violence and fragility. From the 1994 Human Development Report (HDR), the notion of human security has evolved beyond traditional national and military security and includes such issues as development and respect for human rights. Expandingon the international community's efforts to agree on a comprehensive Post-2015 development agenda, the notion of sustainable human security provides an even more integrated approach relevant to governments and societies affected by extreme poverty, recurring conflicts, systemic violence, human rights violations and exploitation of natural resources. The comprehensive framework has practical implications for the governance capacity development approaches as well as for program monitoring and evaluation and multi-sector partnerships. As human security shifts the attention from a state-centered to a people-centered approach to security, sustainable human security aims at considering environmental and systemic elements inherent to the understanding and resolution of contemporary and future human insecurities.

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Tác giả Nguyễn Khắc Hải, Marco Tavanti
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