The Transverse Hall Effect in a Quantum Well with High Infinite Potential in the Influence of Confined Optical Phonons

The Transverse Hall effect (THE) has been theoretical studied in a quantum well (QW) with high infinite potential subjected to a crossed dc electric field and a magnetic field (MF) which is oriented perpendicularly to the confinement direction in the present of an intense electromagnetic wave (EMW). The analytical expression of the transverse hall coefficient (THC) which depends not only on the parameters of the system but especially on the quantum number m characterizing confined phonons, is obtained by using the quantum kinetic equation method for confined electrons - confined optical phonons interaction. The analytic expression of THC is numerically evaluated, plotted and discussed for a specific case of the AlAs/GaAs/AlAs QW. Results show the THC depends strong nonlinearly on the EMW amplitude and the MF. All results are compared with that in case of unconfined phonons to see differences.

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Tác giả Le Thai Hung, Nguyen Quang Bau, Pham Ngoc Thang
Người bảo dưỡng Đại học Quốc gia Hà Nội
Last Updated Tháng 8 16, 2018, 10:04 (ICT)
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