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The aim of the article is to give up-to-date understanding about connections in word- groups, simple and composite sentences in Russian. All words in a sentence forming word-groups and sentences are grammatically and semantically connected. In Russian these relations are expressed by inflexions, order of words. A word-group is a unit formed by the combination of two ore more notional words expressing one notion. When two words are connected syntactically theire relations may be one either of coordination or subordination. Subordination means that the words are not equal grammatically: one word IS subordinated to the other (head-word) Surbordination may be in the form of agreement, government and adjoinment. Composite sentences consist of two or more clauses united semantically and grammatically. The connections between the clauses of complex sentences are similar to the connections between the components in word-groups and simple sentences. Clauses of these sentences may be connected by means of surbordinative conjuntions and conjunctive words.

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